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Error Message: WatchDog Logger Timeout
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10th of January, 2012

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Computer is establishing a connection to the logger but cannot initiate the download.  Therefore, the correct Com Port is selected and the connecting cable is ok. However, it is not maintaining the connection long enough to complete it. This is more common with laptop computers due to power-saving features.   Specware version 6.02 (Build 0004, released in May 2002) addressed the issue of this problem for laptop computers.  If you are running a version of SpecWare prior to 6.02, it will be necessary to purchase an upgrade to the current version of SpecWare.

If you are running a version of SpecWare newer than 6.02, double-check that the logger or shuttle has a fresh battery.  Even if the battery has been recently changed, it may be that it was not fresh initially.  Usually, if the battery is not fresh, the user will get a message that says that no logger was found on the selected COM port.  However, if the battery is not completely dead, the timeout message can appear.

Sometimes, persistence will lead to a successful launch or download. Rebooting the computer to clear out extraneous devices may help. Install SpecWare on another machine to execute the download.

The message will not appear if the only problem is a bad cable or an incorrect Com Port having been selected.



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