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Error Message "Unable to connect to the Logger. Overflow"
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10th of January, 2012

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The "Overflow" error message indicates that there is some bug in the SpecWare. Reinitializing the logger header will probably fix the problem (see attached file). If there is data that needs to be saved, it must be extracted with the WatchDog test module. You must have SpecWare 6.02 Build 0024 or later to access this module. The version of your software can be determined by selecting the "About Specware" option from the Help menu. The version and build number will appear in the top border of the information screen. Contact Spectrum Technologies if you need to upgrade SpecWare.

Extracting Data

From the SpecWare main screen, go to the File Menu and select Preferences and select the Communication tab. Right-click on the "Test Port" button to bring up the WatchDog Test module. Connect the gray PC interface cable to the station and hit the Connect button. You should get a "Connected to logger" message. From there, hit the "Read" button in the Read Logger Header Test section. SpecWare should give a message that "All 128 bytes were read and the header appears to be valid". Click on the "Extract Data" button in bottom left part of the screen. You will be asked to give a name and a save-location to the extracted data file. Specware will create a file with a .wdr extension. This file should be sent to Spectrum Technologies for inspection. At this point, you should reinitialize the station's electronic header (see attached file).

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