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The real-time weather monitor does not appear when I hit the quick button or the real-time weather monitor option in the Logger menu.
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10th of January, 2012

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There is a delay between when the real-time monitor is selected and when the current data conditions appear in the monitor screen. Likewise when a data refresh is requested. If the monitor screen is shut down before the data appears (or is refreshed), the monitor function will be hung up in the background. The user should go to the task manager by simultaneously pressing the ctrl, alt, and delete keys. Delete "SpecWSM6" from the list of tasks. The real-time monitor will then be available again.

This situation will also arise if there is a communication problem between the station and the computer. In these cases, a generic monitor screen will appear. This screen is notable because it shows only the bars, dials and labels but no actual data values. The bottom of the monitor screen will indicate that the station has not been contacted. Because the monitor screen has not yet received any data, it will get hung up when it is closed. Close the "SpecWSM6" in the task manager (see above paragraph).

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