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Error Message: Invalid WatchDog Header
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6th of January, 2012

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With WatchDog mini data loggers and weather stations, the loggers electronic header needs to be reinitialized. If there is data that needs to be saved, care must be taken to ensure that this data is not erased after the header is rewritten.

If this message appears while using a WatchDog Data Shuttle, it may be that the shuttle itself has an invalid header. In this case, reinitializing the header will resolve the problem. However, this message will also appear if one of the loggers whose data is saved on the shuttle has an invalid header. In this case, that logger must be brought in and connected to the PC so it can be reinitialized. Additionally, the data from that shuttle position must be extracted with the WDTest program to continue using the Data Shuttle.  Read attachment below.

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