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Error message: COM cannot be opened. Please use File/Preferences to ensure your communications port is set correctly
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6th of January, 2012

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This message appears when the Com port selected in the Preferences/Communications screen does not exist on the computer or if another device or application already using that COM port. SpecWare will still open but the correct Com port must be identified and selected in the Preferences/Communications screen. 

Check that the selected COM port is correct (Read Attachment Below) and that there are no applications running in the background that could be monopolizing the serial port.

One Specware-related program that could be causing this is the Real-Time Weather Monitor (RTWM).  This program is only available for the WatchDog complete weather stations (models 525, 550, 600, 700, 800, and 900ET).  If an attempt is made to bring up the RTWM  when the station is not running or is not directly connected to the computer, a generic RTWM screen will appear that has no data.  At the bottom of this screen will be an indication that the station could not be contacted.  If the generic RTWM screen is closed down, it will still be hung up in the background.  This will then render Specware unable to use that port.  The generic RTWM can be closed down by ending the task (SpecWSM6) from the task manager or by re-booting the computer.


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