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Error Message: Cannot relaunch Shuttle until all data has been downloaded
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10th of January, 2012

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The shuttle can only be launched when the LCD screen reads "off". This indicates that there is no data on the shuttle that has not been downloaded. If there are shuttle positions that have not yet been downloaded, the LCD screen will read "no X", where X is the next shuttle position to be downloaded. After completely downloading a shuttle, it is possible to scroll through and re-download an individual shuttle position by pressing the green button until the shuttle position of interest is displayed on the LCD. After that shuttle position has been downloaded, the LCD will again read "off". If the shuttle LCD will not go to the "off" position despite pressing the green button, try removing and replacing the battery. If the LCD screen still doesn?t move to "off", it may be necessary to extract the data from that position with the WDTest program.

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