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No GPS Found with Field Scout TDR Meter
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16th of May, 2012

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When the meter is turned on, the LCD screen can display this error message if the GPS is not already on or if its settings are not compatible with the Field Scout meters. The GPS unit should be set for:


NMEA 0183 input messages
GGA data string
Baud rate - 4800 bits per second
Timing (or refresh rate) - 1 second
8 data bits
Parity - None
1 stop bit


(depending on your unit, some of these may be set automatically when you choose NMEA 0183)

Some newer GPS units require 2 way RS-232 communication.  This was addressed in firmware v5.0.  Meters with firmware version 5 will also need a black GPS/DGPS cable that is marked v. 5 (item 2950CV5).

Another reason for this message is if the meter is searching unsuccessfully for the differential correction factor for DGPS. In this case, connect the meter to your PC, open the Field Scout software and, in Meter Settings, uncheck the option requiring the DGPS correction factor when acquiring GPS data. Also, check that the GPS unit is turned on AND has located all the satellites.



TDR300, SC900, TCM500, SPAD, CM1000, EC110, pH 110

Garmin 72 /Garmin 72H  GPS receivers are shipped with the Garmin proprietary output stream as the default output format.   The Field Scout Meters require the NMEA output format.

The attached document shows how to properly configure the Garmin unit.

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