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Testing a GPS Unit with Hyperterminal.
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10th of January, 2012

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It is possible to use the Windows application HyperTerminal to confirm that the GPS receiver is outputting a serial signal.  This can be checked as follows:

1. Connect the GPS receiver directly to the serial port on a PC.  If the PC does not have a serial port, it is necessary to connect a USB-Serial adapter to create a serial port.

2. Power up the GPS unit.  If possible, it is best to have the GPS receiver outside so it can pick up the satellites.

3. Click on the START button in the lower left corner of the PC monitor and select "All Programs".

4. Select the "Accessories" option.  This will bring up a dropdown menu

5. Select "Communications".  This will bring up another dropdown menu.

6. Select "HyperTerminal".

7. In the "Connection Description" screen, type "GPS test" in the blank text field and hit OK.

8. In the "Connect Using" field of the "Connect To" screen, select the COM port assigned to the serial port.  Usually this is COM1.  If you are using a USB adapter, a COM port was created when the driver software was installed.  The correct COM port can usually be found by looking in the DEVICE MANAGER.

9. In the "COM Properties" screen, enter the appropriate values from the table above.  The Flow Control should be set to None.

10. After hitting the OK button in step 9, you will see the main HyperTerminal screen.  If the GPS receiver is outputting a serial string, you will see this in the text field.  It is possible to copy this string and paste it into a text or Word file.  Click on the Edit menu then click on the Select All option.  Again click on the Edit menu and select the Copy option.  This will store the text in a clipboard that can then be pasted into a Word document. This may be useful for troubleshooting.

11. When finished you can close the HyperTerminal screen.  When asked if you want to save the connection named "GPStest", click NO.


TDR300, SC900, TCM500, SPAD, CM1000, EC110, pH 110

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