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My rain collector is not reading correctly (or at all)
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9th of January, 2012

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1.  Launch the logger or weather station so you can see the rain measurements on the LCD (this step is not necessary if the rain collector is attached to a WatchDog 2000 Series Mini or Weather Station).


2.  Check the inside of the rain bucket for debris such as leaves that may be blocking the grid at the bottom of the bucket.  Remove the rain bucket from the base and check for any obstacles (spider webs, debris, etc.) that may be preventing the tipping spoon from moving freely.  If the hole beneath the grid gets clogged with dirt, the cotter key can be removed to allow it to be cleared.


3. Manually move the tipping spoon back and forth several times.  Check the LCD after it has updated to see if these tips have been recorded.  Do this several times. 


4. If the tips are being counted, skip to step 5.


If the LCD is not showing any or all of the manual tips of the spoon, it may be that the magnetic sensor on the tipping spoon is too far from the read switch or that the sensor cable is bad.  There are 2 cams on the base of the rain collector that can be rotated to move the tipping spoon closer to or further away from the read switch.  Make this adjustment and check if the LCD shows that the logger can detect manual tips of the spoon.  If so, proceed to step 5.  If not, the sensor may need to be sent in for service.


5. If all the tips are being counted, replace the rain bucket and trickle a known amount of water into the bucket.  84 ml of water should register 0.1 inches of water (2.5 mm).  This is equivalent to 10 tips of the tipping spoon.  The best results are attained when the water is added slowly.  It is recommended that the water be put in a ziplock bag which is then punctured with a pin to allow the water to slowly enter the rain bucket.  


If the reading on the LCD is slightly high or slightly low, the sensor can be calibrated.  When the spoon tips, it lands on screws on either side.  If sensor is reading high, lower the screws.  If it is reading low, raise the screws.  It is recommended to adjust the screws a quarter turn and again run a known amount of water through the bucket to determine if additional adjustment is necessary.

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