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My computer can connect to the dial-up modem but I cannot contact the WatchDog weather station.
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10th of January, 2012

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When trying to connect to a weather station with a telephone connection, pay attention to the messages that appear in the lower left corner of the Specware screen.  You should see messages such as "Connected at 1200 baud" and "Reading Current Weather Station Values".  This indicates the computer has successfully contacted the dial-up modem and the dial-up modem is now trying to contact the weather station.

If it is unable to do so, it could be that the weather station batteries are low or that the polarity of the cable connecting the dial-up modem to the weather station's auxilliary port is not functioning properly.  Check that the cable has 4 wires and that polarity is correct.  This is done by holding both connectors next to one another with the small prong on each connector facing up.  In this orientation, the color sequence of wires should be the same.  If they are reversed, the cable will not work with the dial-up modem.  This same color sequence restriction does not apply to the cable that connects the dial-up modem to the telephone jack.  


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