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Error Message "Run-time error 63: bad record number" (SPAD 502 meter)
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10th of January, 2012

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If the SPAD meter is turned off and immediately turned back on, a capacitor in the data logger's microcontroller circuit will not have time to completely power down.  Therefore, there is the potential for an electricity spike that can result in corrupt information being put into the memory of the data logger.  This results in the Bad Record error message and an inability to download the entire data logger memory.
After an attempt is made to download the logger with corrupt information, the meter will not go into measurement mode when it is turned on.  Instead, the LED will initially flash slowly and then very rapidly.  This is actually the signal that the data logger is full. The signal is being given erroneously because of the corrupt data in the memory.  If the corruption occured while collecting a data point, you should be able to bring up the Logger Properties screen.  If it happened while the meter's header was being processed, you may not even be able to bring up the Logger Properties screen.
Clearing the memory should get the meter working again.   Data recovery may be possible but would require sending the meter in for service.
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