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  1. questionWeather Station Maintenance
    One of the reasons that the WatchDog 2000-series weather stations are so widely used is that they are designed so that they do not require as much maintenance as other stations. All sensors are pre-calibrated at the time of manufacturing, and most do not require subsequent calibrations. The s ...

  2. questionHow to properly install a USB-to-Serial driver.
    Please be sure to install your driver properly by following the instructions in attached PDF file (at bottom of this article). We recommend the following USB to serial adaptor brands: Manhattan, Belkin and Dynex. **Windows 7 users please purchase either the Manhattan or Gigaware Model # 26-94 ...

  3. questionMy rain collector is not reading correctly (or at all)
    1. Launch the logger or weather station so you can see the rain measurements on the LCD (this step is not necessary if the rain collector is attached to a WatchDog 2000 Series Mini or Weather Station). 2. Check the inside of the rain bucket for debris such as leaves that may be blocking the ...