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  1. questionHow to properly install a USB-to-Serial driver.
    Please be sure to install your driver properly by following the instructions in attached PDF file (at bottom of this article). We recommend the following USB to serial adaptor brands: Manhattan, Belkin and Dynex. **Windows 7 users please purchase either the Manhattan or Gigaware Model # 26-94 ...

  2. questionMy Wind Speed is always 0 (zero)
    The wind speed sensor works by sensing the movement of a magnet past a magnetic reed switch in the body. The tolerances are critical. Using the provided Allen wrench, loosen the set screw on the side of the wind cups. Slide the cups off to ensure there is no foreign material between the cup ...

  3. questionI can bring up the real-time monitor but I cannot launch or download the WatchDog weather station
    If the station experiences a battery lockup, it will still read the sensors and the data can be viewed on the real-time monitor. However, the data is not sent to the data logger and the LCD screen will not function. To reset the station, remove a battery for a few seconds and then return it to ...