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  1. questionStart Depth > 0! message
    The meter cannot begin taking readings until the probe senses the tip is at the soil surface. The meter can sense a false non-zero depth if the user’s feet are too close to the shaft, if an object such as a tree or large plant is near the measurement area or if debris such as roots, soil ...

  2. questionMeter prematurely gives "READING COMPLETE" message.
    Ultrasonic depth sensor is incorrectly sensing that the meter is being withdrawn from the soil. This is similar to second part of solution for !! Depth Error !! error message. In this case however, the obstruction (knee, shoe, etc.) has not caused an error message but is causing the meter to se ...

    Calibration may be off. The calibration procedure is published in the manual and copied below. 1. Balance the meter in an upright position on a hard surface. 2. Press and hold the START button. 3. With the START button depressed, press and release the ON button. The LCD will count down fro ...

  4. question!Error- Too Fast! message
    Probe is being inserted too quickly. If the meter is inserted faster than 1 inch per 1 second, the ASABE standard states that the reading should be retaken. You may see this message more often when taking readings in areas with non-compacted zones beneath strongly compacted zones. Apply a un ...

  5. question!! Depth Error !! message
    This error message indicates that the meter missed a depth reading. This can happen when: a) The speed of insertion exceeds the meter's ability to measure depth b) An obstruction comes into the depth sensor's field-of-view. You have the option of saving this profile anyway by pressing the Re ...

  6. questionSC900 meter will not turn on after installing new batteries.
    Pull the batteries and wait 3 or more minutes before inserting them back into the meter. This will allow the capacitors to completely drain.

  7. questionLCD not working
    Battery power not enough. Remove four screws on meter's front plates and replace batteries.

  8. questionDELETE button not functioning on SC900
    The DELETE button will only be active when the data logger is enabled. To enable the data logger, connect the SC900 meter to Field Scout software and bring up the Meter Settings screen. Check the data logger box.

  9. questionEXCESSIVE FORCE error
    Load cell cannot support more than 250lb without permanent damage. Move a few feet away to another measuring spot and try again.