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  1. questionHow is the Grass Index calculated for the TCM 500 Turf Color Meter?
    The equation that is used to calculate the grass index of the TCM 500 Turf Color Meter. Grass Index = 4B/(R-B) where B is the blue value and R is the red value. The green value is not used in this relation. This equation was derived empirically based on a large turf data set collected at t ...

  2. questionTCM-500 Turf Color Meter Error: Light Leakage
    The error message "LIGHT LEAKAGE" occurs when ambiant light leaks under the meter and on to the sample area. Be sure the meter is pressed firmly against a reasonably flat, uniform area and repeat measurement. You can view the Turf Color Meter manual at http://www.specmeters.com/assets/1/22/297 ...