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  1. questionGetting a "-|" symbol on my SoilStik pH meter
    This can indicate a bad sensor. If you have already connected a new sensor and this issue remains, the meter must be replaced.

  2. questionIQ 150 pH meter won't calibrate or calibrates slowly
    The probe must be hydrated to function properly. New probes, or probes that have had long periods of inactivity may need to be soaked in one of the pH calibration solutions to restore functionality. Soaking for an hour should be sufficient. This process can be facilitated if the solution is w ...

  3. questionIs the pH pro waterproof? (2100A)
    No, the pH pro is only splashproof. Do not make any measurements by submerging the meter completely in the sample solution. If the meter is inadvertently dropped into the sample solution, recover it immediately and dry it thoroughly. If the inside of the chassis gets water, remove batteries an ...

  4. questionWhat are the Cardy Twin pH's specifications? (2103)
    Range: pH 2.00 to 12.00; Accuracy/Repeatability: +/-0.1pH Sensor Lifespan: 150 - 300 samples Battery lifespan 150 hours of continuous operation

  5. questionCardy Twin pH meter does not maintain calibration (2103)
    - Make sure it turns on OK - Get both solutions pH 7 (yellow) and pH 4 (pink). Connect the 2 dots in an egg shape with a few drops.

  6. questionCardy Twin Calibration fails / Calibration light continues blinking after calibration effort (2103)
    - Inspect sensor in bright light for cracks or flaws. - Place 4.0 standard solution on sensor and attempt reading. Failed sensors generally cannot read to the pH 4 solution. If so replace sensor. - Test and/or replace batteries. CR2032 3V Lithium batteries are available at most electronic ret ...

  7. questionCardy Twin pH Meter is giving no (or incorrect) reading (2103)
    - Inspect sensor in bright light for cracks or flaws. - Place 4.0 standard solution on sensor and attempt reading. Failed sensors generally cannot calibrate to the pH 4 solution. If so replace sensor. - Condition sensor. Cover sensor with either standard solution and soak for 15 minutes. Rin ...

  8. questionGetting E07 when trying to calibrate the IQ 150 (2162)
    The probe has failed and needs to be replaced. This error code is not related to the chassis.

  9. questionThe IQ 150 meter calibrates very slowly (2162)
    The calibration of the IQ 150 can take up to one and a half minutes for each calibrating solution (pH 7 and pH 4). The probe should be hydrated by soaking in water for several minutes. It is a good idea to periodically scrub the end of the probe with a toothbrush to remove stains and particle ...

  10. questionCardy Twin pH meter LCD display will not turn on (2103)
    Replace batteries with # CR 2032. If LCD is still blank after new batteries are installed, call Spectrum to return meter.

  11. questionWhat is the Cardy Twin pH sensor lifespan? (2103)
    The Cardy Twin pH sensor is good for about 350 measurements. The batteries last 150 hours of continuous operation.

  12. questionHow can I test the life left in my pH probe?
    A simple test can be performed using Windex glass cleaner with ammonia and any type of soft drink. The procedure is as follows: Turn your meter on and place the probe in a soft drink which is acidic (phosphoric or citric acid per label) and the reading will be from 2.7 to 3.9 pH; then go to th ...

  13. questionDoes the pH meter need to be calibrated before each use?
    No, most pH meters hold calibration very well. If you are using your meter every day then check it once a week. If you get a reading that is above or below what you were expecting, then check the measurement of one of the standards, either pH 4.0 or 7.0 and observe what the meter shows for the ...

  14. questionError message on pH Pro (2100A)
    Indicates calibration error. This can be due to: -No standard solution on the sensor -Bubbles on the surface of the ISFET sensor chip -No connection between the ISFET sensor chip and the liquid junction by means of the standard solution -Reference electrode not properly set in the pH meter -Ref ...

  15. questionWhat are the pH Pro Meter specifications? (2100A)
    Range: pH 2.0 to 12.0 Accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH Operating Temperature 5-40° C (41-104° F ) Battery: 2 CR2032 3V lithium dry cell batteries Sensor Lifespan depending on usage 200-450 measurements. (200 hours) Storage: Same as its reading temperature 5-40°C (41-104°F) Warranty ...

  16. questionCAL symbol blinking on pH Pro LCD display (2100A)
    This symbol blinks while the meter is in calibration. If blinking does not end the sensor probably needs to be replaced.

  17. questionMy pH Pro meter will not calibrate or loses calibration quickly.
    If your pH Pro meter will not accept/hold calibration according to the procedure in the manual, first check/replace the battery. If the problem persists, the sensor tip needs to be replaced. Calibration and sensor replacement procedures can be seen by reading attachment below. 2100A

  18. questionCardy Twin pH Meters glass sensor cracked (2103)
    Warning! Thin glass sensor breaks very easily! Be careful not to press with fingernail while drying sensor. First rinse with water and softly blot dry the sensor with the tip of a paper towel.

  19. questionWhen should the sensor in the pH Pro be replaced? (2100A)
    The sensors service life is usually 150-200 hours of continuous immersion in water. The sensor needs replacement when: -The KCI solution has run dry (sensor color transparent instead of milky white) -The meter cannot be calibrated or cannot retain calibration -The meter will not give a stable r ...