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  1. questionHow to properly install a USB-to-Serial driver.
    Please be sure to install your driver properly by following the instructions in attached PDF file (at bottom of this article). We recommend the following USB to serial adaptor brands: Manhattan, Belkin and Dynex. **Windows 7 users please purchase either the Manhattan or Gigaware Model # 26-94 ...

  2. questionNo GPS Found with Field Scout TDR Meter
    When the meter is turned on, the LCD screen can display this error message if the GPS is not already on or if its settings are not compatible with the Field Scout meters. The GPS unit should be set for: NMEA 0183 input messages GGA data string Baud rate - 4800 bits per second Timing (or refre ...

  3. questionTesting a GPS Unit with Hyperterminal.
    It is possible to use the Windows application HyperTerminal to confirm that the GPS receiver is outputting a serial signal. This can be checked as follows: 1. Connect the GPS receiver directly to the serial port on a PC. If the PC does not have a serial port, it is necessary to connect a USB- ...